FUSION BUILDING PRODUCTS are proudly made in Canada and designed to meet tomorrow’s needs, today. The construction landscape is continuously evolving which places a premium on quality building products and companies, such as Fusion, to stay one step ahead.
How we do that is simple. Guided by our insights and experience, we work with you to completely understand your needs. The strength and integrity that is part of each Fusion building product is the result of our focus and dedication to making things better.
Fusion is a proud member of CSSBI and delivering industry leading quality products is always a priority. Regardless of your project’s size or complexity, Fusion is able to deliver.

Cert# Q107430

Applicable standards for Steel Stud Framing, Trims and Accessories
for Non Structural Framing are as follows:
Profile, Steel Thickness and DimensionsAST M C645
(With permissible tolerance) for stud track and furring channel.
Grade of SteelAST M A1003
For sheet metal, metallic and non metallic coated
Coating (Galvanizing)
Zinc/galvanized coated steel to – AST M A653
Aluminum zinc coated steel to – AST M A792
InstallationAST M C754
Standards for Trims and AccessoriesAST M C1047